Flex Season Tickets

Finally, you can fit the greatest musical masterpieces into your busy life.


Full payment is due at the time of purchase. Additional tickets can be purchased later for 20% off. All ticket exchanges are free. If you haven’t attended all your concerts at the end of a year, you can donate your tickets as a tax deduction.

Flex Season Ticket redemptions are subject to availability.

If you would like to upgrade your flex season tickets for any concert you will only pay the difference between your original tickets and new tickets.

Flex Season Tickets are not transferable to future seasons.

Tickets need to be redeemed for three different productions.

Ticket donations need to be received by 90 minutes before the final performance of the season.


Flex season tickets are priced at 20% off single ticket pricing, allowing for various seating location preferences.

Level A – $252
Level B – $192
Level C – $135
Level D – $72